Discussion guide: Roma and non-custodial sanctions

From partner Prison Reform International: This discussion guide sets out findings from an exploratory study on Roma persons’ access to and experience of non-custodial sanctions and measures in Europe. It is published as part of the project ‘PRI Alt Eur: Promoting non-discriminatory alternatives to imprisonment in Europe’, and is based on desk-based research, including a survey among probation experts in Europe and questions posed to representatives of European prison services.

Highlighting issues that call for further attention, whether through in-depth research, policy action or practice consideration from stakeholders working on Roma rights and/or criminal justice, the guide concludes with questions intended to facilitate discussion(s), such as ones that took place during a multi-stakeholder roundtable event convened by PRI on 7 March 2023 in Brussels.

Download the Full Report: Discussion guide: Roma and non-custodial sanctions

Year: 2023
Resource Type:
Alternatives to Criminalisation
Human Rights
People Groups:
People in Detention
Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)
Duty Bearers
Capacity Building
Policy Reform
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Penal Reform International