Audit Reveals the Dirty Truth About Homeless Encampment Cleanups

Invisible People: How Sweeps Rarely Lead to Permanent Housing Situations for Homeless Encampment Residents.

Homeless encampment “cleanups” have dirt on their name for good reason. Alternatively referred to as “sweeps” or “homeless encampment evictions,” these forced relocations of our unhoused neighbors are marketed as a constructive way to reduce or even eliminate unsheltered homelessness.

The unsanitary truth is that, despite what is being sold to the public, homeless encampment cleanups rarely lead to permanent housing solutions. This is a recipe for failure of epic proportions and an expensive one at that. Here’s a look.

New Audit Proves Encampment Sweeps Aren’t Worth Their Salt: 95% of Encampment Residents Remain on the Streets When the Cleanup Crew Goes Home.

“Mayor Adams’ heavy-handed tactics are not the answer to homelessness,” proclaimed Cynthia Vee, a homeless New York City resident holding firmly to her tent and her mission. “I need a home,” she told reporters at NBC4.

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Photo by Rio Space on Unsplash

20 September, 2023
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