Congress takes up Unhoused Bill of Rights as States debate similar Bills

Invisible People: U.S. Representative Cori Bush, D-MO, has reintroduced her landmark Unhoused Bill of Rights legislation as states across the country consider passing similar legislation. Bush’s bill would require the federal government to “permanently end the unhoused crisis” by 2027. It would also require the government to guarantee access to universal healthcare, housing, and employment at jobs that pay a living wage.

Several bills circulating in state offices contain similar provisions. For example, lawmakers in Michigan introduced legislation that would guarantee homeless people the right to access medical care, the ability to vote, and the right to attend school regardless of housing status.

In St. Louis, Missouri, lawmakers are debating a bill that would prevent the city from sweeping encampments when adequate housing options are not available and would provide toilets and other hygienic care for people living in encampments.

“Being able to afford a safe place to live is a human right that has been undermined by intentional policy decisions,” Bush said. “We have the power and money to end the unhoused crisis; we just need the will to reorient Congressional priorities.”

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11 October, 2023
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