Emergence of ‘Unsanctioned’ in Homeless Propaganda is Ominous

Invisible People: Politicians are using the word ‘Unsanctioned’ in homeless legislation, suggesting Sanctioned Encampments Will Become the Norm.

For time immemorial, when politicians talk about homelessness, they complain about homeless encampments. Their speeches are often riddled with lies about public safety and half-truths about hygiene that paint our unhoused neighbors unfavorably. Yet, as the financial incentive to push “sanctioned encampments” on the homeless population increases, there has been an ever-so-subtle shift in this language. Now, it seems the only encampments that are posing a threat to public welfare are the ones that are “unsanctioned.”

This shifting narrative foreshadows a dark and ominous future where humans are stockpiled, and all of their actions hinged upon government approval.

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

8 August, 2023
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