2023 Global Day of Action: Reclaiming people power for sustainable alternatives to the ‘war on drugs’

For over a decade, the Support. Don’t Punish campaign has resourced a global, decentralised network of change-makers in drug policy reform and harm reduction. We do this not to wait for the proverbial ‘window of opportunity’ to appear, but to create the conditions to push it wide open!

Ahead of the next Global Day of Action (26 June 2023), let us once more organise in transnational solidarity to reclaim power and rights for our communities, nurture our growing movement, and demand accountability and redress. Together, we are building sustainable alternatives to the ‘war on drugs’!

If you haven’t yet told us your plans, please use this form to do so. The window to apply for financial support has closed but the form remains open to hear about your activities!

Read more about this event: 2023 Global Day of Action

June 26, 2023
From: 00:01  
to 23:59
Event Type: International Day
Languages: All
Campaign Partners:
Support. Don’t Punish