ALEPH2024: African Regional Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria and the Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association are hosting the first African Regional Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health, ALEPH2024, from 1-4 December 2024.

The two-day event is a must-attend conference for anyone involved in the complex and diverse intersections of law enforcement and public health in Africa – police, public health practitioners, community and activists, policymakers, and researchers from across many disciplines.

Key conference themes are:

  • Police and public health working together for violence prevention: gender-based, family, sexual, intimate partner; including firearm proliferation, human trafficking, and modern slavery
  • Crises and Catastrophes: Responses and Preparedness – including especially pandemic preparedness
  • Public health policing: responding to mental health crises; illicit drug use, alcohol-related issues and harm reduction; sex work
  • Corrections and Detention: Prisons and places of detention/deportation as Public Health Institutions
  • Wellness and Resilience of police and other first responders
  • Challenging the criminalization of communities and public health issues: poverty, homelessness, HIV transmission, LGBTQI+, abortion, sex work; Reproductive Justice issues 

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December 1, 2024
to December 4, 2024
From: 08:00  
to 18:00
(UTC +02:00)
Event Type: Physical, Conference
Languages: English
Campaign Partners:
Africa Policing Civilian Oversight Forum