Martin v. Boise Survives a Legal Challenge

Invisible People: The 9th Circuit’s ruling that cities can’t force unhoused people off the streets if they don’t have adequate shelter options survived a legal challenge by petitioners from Grants Pass, Oregon. This move seems to have upset conservative judges on the Circuit.

The ruling, known as Johnson v. City of Grants Pass, speaks to another legal decision the 9th Circuit issued in February 2021 called Martin v. Boise, which set forth a series of important legal protections for unhoused folks. It prohibits local police departments from citing or arresting unhoused people for sleeping outdoors. It also requires the city of Boise to take concrete steps to put people experiencing homelessness on a path toward permanent housing.

However, the ruling has faced legal challenges from cities and groups that argue the ruling prevents them from addressing the growing unsheltered homelessness crisis. The most recent challenge came from the City of Grants Pass, Oregon, which asked the three-judge panel to review the Martin v. Boise decision.

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18 July, 2023
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