The Kenyan Section of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ Kenya) is a non-governmental, non-profit and a member-based organization. Established in 1959, ICJ Kenya is the only autonomous national section of ICJ based in Geneva, Switzerland.

ICJ Kenya’s overall aim is to promote the rule of law, champion democratic governance, advance justice, and safeguard human rights, thereby enabling people to live in dignity and harmoniously coexist with each other and their environment. We recognise that this ambition is often inhibited by weak regulatory and institutional frameworks, poor leadership, exclusion, capacity constraints, and retrogressive norms. 

Further, we understand poverty as a function of economic growth, benefit distribution, social-political power relations, and ecological imbalances. Therefore, we believe that ensuring human dignity and harmonious coexistence demands attention on underlying systemic drivers of the same, often in the areas of laws, policies, and institutions; social norms; and individual or collective capacities. 

Therefore, we will continue to invest in promoting the rule of law, socio-economic justice, and human rights as a basis for democratic governance and strengthening justice, redress, and security systems. These will be in addition to investing in enhancing our internal capacities. 

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