Justice Project Society, commonly referred to as Justice Project Pakistan (JPP), is a legal action non-governmental organisation dedicated to representing the most vulnerable Pakistani prisoners facing the harshest punishments, including those facing the death penalty, mentally ill prisoners, victims of police torture, juvenile prisoners, and overseas Pakistani prisoners. JPP was formed in Lahore, Pakistan in December 2009. JPP investigates, advocates, educates, and litigates, building public and political support as well as legal precedents that have led to systemic reform of the criminal justice system in Pakistan. Our work combines strategic litigation, fierce domestic and international public and policy advocacy campaigns, and building the capacity of stakeholders who can improve the representation and treatment of individuals facing capital punishment in Pakistan and abroad. JPP firmly believes in the use of advocacy strategies premised on evidence-based, utilitarian arguments rooted in the local context. In order to reform the criminal justice and penal system and sway policymakers from their inherited biases, we, at Justice Project Pakistan, have found that data-driven research into the fundamental flaws of practices that criminalise and penalise poverty, framed as strategic solutions presented to government representatives, is far more likely to motivate progressive reform in favour of marginalised and vulnerable populations.

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