REFORMAR – Research for Mozambique is a research, training and advocacy organization, with the aim of promoting Human Rights in the field of criminal justice in Mozambique and other Portuguese-speaking countries. It recognizes that:

  • Human Rights in criminal justice systems are constantly violated;
  • the defense and promotion of Human Rights in criminal justice presupposes evidence-based research;
  • the importance of constant training and training for all actors working in the criminal justice sector to expand knowledge and change behaviors and
  • reforms are based on the development of laws, policies and practices.

REFORMAR’s work is anchored in international, regional and national law. It works in partnership with local organizations, ensuring mutual learning and growth. Whenever possible, REFORMAR supports reforms in partnership with stakeholders to ensure local ownership of progress and the transfer of skills.

REFORMAR works in several languages ​​but ensures that, at an international and regional level, events take into account the importance of the Portuguese language and documents are always translated into Portuguese, for the interaction of the Lusophone public with the majority of Anglophone and Francophone African countries.

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Courts Systems
Human Rights
People Groups
Duty Bearers
Capacity Building
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