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Prison Insider publishes its country profile on prisons in South Africa. This publication is the result of work carried out in collaboration with various people...
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Collecting and publishing statistics about the use and practice of imprisonment is a crucial tool for governments to assess the effectiveness of criminal justice policies....
Themes: Prisons
Type: Briefing/Factsheet/Summary   |   Guidelines
Year: 2024
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The National Women’s Justice Coalition (NWJC) champions and promotes best practice for working with women in contact with the criminal justice system. This library catalogues a wide...
Themes: Alternatives to Criminalisation   |   Courts Systems   |   Fees and Fines   |   Human Rights   |   Petty Offences   |   Policing   |   Public Health   |   Pre-trial Detention   |   Prisons   |   Torture   |   Use of Public Spaces
Type: Briefing/Factsheet/Summary   |   Collections   |   Journal Article   |   News Article   |   Report   |   Training Materials
Year: 2024
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This report presents the findings of an empirical investigation into criminalization of poverty in Haiti. The research, conducted by the Center for research and exchange...
Themes: Courts Systems   |   Human Rights   |   Petty Offences   |   Pre-trial Detention   |   Prisons
Type: Report
Year: 2024
ICJ-Kenya: It has been eight years (8) since the adoption of a global call for Gender Equality and Empowerment- Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030. The...
Themes: Cost of Exclusion   |   Courts Systems   |   Fees and Fines   |   Human Rights   |   Petty Offences   |   Policing   |   #PoorNotGuilty   |   Pre-trial Detention   |   Use of Public Spaces
Type: Briefing/Factsheet/Summary
Year: 2024
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Throughout the globe, governments use petty offenses, such as vagrancy and loitering laws, to exert social control over poor and marginalized communities. Moreover, people experiencing...
Themes: Human Rights   |   Petty Offences   |   #PoorNotGuilty   |   Use of Public Spaces
Type: Report
Year: 2024