Credits: © Boniface Mwangi/OSF
Country: Kenya

Lydia Chepkoech

I never went to school and I am a homeless hawker. I have been arrested countless times. Whenever the president is being driven past the park, or a “big person” is visiting Kenya, we [the homeless] are removed from the streets. Are we not human? I used to sleep behind a fast food shop. The Askaris came, burnt our clothes and my baby’s immunization card. Later, when city council were evicting us from the streets, I was separated from my oldest child. I have looked for him everywhere but still haven’t found him.  I took my youngest to a children’s home. The streets are not safe.

Petty Offences
Human Rights
Use of Public Spaces
People Groups:
People experiencing Homelessness or live in informal settlements
People experiencing Poverty
Women and Girls