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Country: United States

Stories from Homeless People

Our partner, Invisible TV gathers stories from homeless people in a bid to educate the public about homelessness through innovative storytelling, news, and advocacy, and you can share their stories towards this cause.. Since their launch in 2008, Invisible People has become a pioneer and trusted resource for inspiring action and raising awareness in support of advocacy, policy change and thoughtful dialogue around poverty in North America and the United Kingdom.

Access their collection of Stories of Homeless People.

Human Rights
Use of Public Spaces
People Groups:
Children & Young People
People with Disabilities
People who use Drugs
Elderly People
People experiencing Homelessness or live in informal settlements
LGBTQIA+ persons
People affected by Displacement (including migrants and refugees)
People experiencing Poverty
Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)
Sex Workers
Women and Girls