Credits: © Boniface Mwangi/OSF
Country: Kenya

Vick B.

“I have been a sex worker for 10 years. Recently l had issues with my boyfriend. He was beating me. I went to the police, but my partner had bribed them already. The police told me they won’t help me without a 3,000-shilling ($30) bribe. I have also been arrested by the police. I called my mother and she paid the bribe.”  The Kenyan Penal Code criminalizes extortion as well as the abuse of office, but some police officers continue to commit these offences with impunity while people like Vick B are targeted using petty offence laws simply because they are “known homosexuals.”

Petty Offences
Human Rights
Use of Public Spaces
People Groups:
LGBTQIA+ persons
People experiencing Poverty
Sex Workers