The truth behind Parliamentarians Enacting Conservative laws

SALC: In the last year, we have seen Parliaments in Africa enact laws that contradict court rulings in Namibia and Kenya. In Uganda, and Ghana, new laws go as far as to criminalising anyone who advocates for LGBTQI+ rights. You may be wondering why Parliamentarians elected by the people passed these scary and draconian legislations; let us clue you in.

The anti-rights movement, through conferences targeting legislators, is pushing an agenda where parliamentarians are used as their proxies, rejecting democracy, the rule of law and human rights and instead put in place laws that are aligned with the US conservative right.

What the African citizen needs to know is that, through these conferences, the anti-rights movement is paving the way for a scary agenda described in what is now known as Project 2025. This is a Presidential Transitional Project preparing for when a conservative representative, such as President Trump, takes over office. As if Trump winning elections is not scary enough, what’s even more horrifying is the conservative policies they have already drafted that include banning Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRH-R), bringing back fossil fuel extraction, dismantling climate change policies and doing away with democracy and human rights. These convenings are all part of that bigger plan described in Project 2025. In Africa, their work is already visible. 

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12 June, 2024
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