US Supreme Court hears homeless criminalization case

NHLC: This past Monday [April 22, 2024], the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in Johnson v. Grants Pass, a case about whether communities can make it illegal for homeless persons to sleep in public spaces with so much as a blanket, even in the absence of any adequate shelter alternatives. The National Homelessness Law Center coordinated more than 40 friend-of-the-court briefs with more than 1000 signatories, including a brief from the Special Rapporteurs on Housing and Extreme Poverty. Our movement showed up powerfully in a rally outside the court and in dozens of remote locations across the U.S., information from our many briefs was used by the Justices inside the Court, and we were able to leverage huge coverage of the issues in local and national media. A decision in the case is expected in late June.

Read more about Johnson v. Grants Pass and why it matters

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29 April, 2024
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