Vagrancy-related provisions in various criminal laws and criminal procedure laws in Africa

Note: This table was compiled using the Penal Codes that are accessible online, and we accordingly cannot guarantee that we referred to the latest versions of the Penal Codes. We acknowledge that some countries might have these offences in local by-laws instead of the Penal Code, and the list below is accordingly not a comprehensive list of offences, but a sample of the typical offences. In many instances, it was impossible to find official translations for Penal Codes that were in French or Portuguese, and the translations are accordingly to be seen as a guide only. The relevant French and Portuguese text is available at the end of this document. Categorisation of the countries into regions are for ease of reference to see trends in legislation, and we acknowledge that the official regional categorisation of countries often overlap.

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8 February, 2018

The Campaign to Decriminalise Poverty and Status is a coalition of organisations from across the world that advocate for the repeal of laws that target people based on poverty, status or for their activism.


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