GSP+ Week Policy Briefs

JPP: Pakistan is currently undergoing its last review and assessment of the GSP+ under the current system. The resulting EU report will reflect on the trajectory of Pakistan over the last 10 years under GSP+. It’s a final opportunity for Pakistan to demonstrate its efforts towards meeting the benchmarks to which it has committed itself. 

For the new GSP+ system, which will be in force globally as of 2024, Pakistan, like any other countries seeking to continue benefiting from the preferential access to the EU market, will have to re-apply. As part of the re-application, beneficiary countries will have to submit a work-plan, spelling out how they intend to make further progress in implementing the relevant international conventions. To be successful, the work plan needs to be ambitious, but also realistic, based on the track record of the past and with a strong buy-in from relevant institutions, political actors and civil society.  

The purpose of the “GSP+ week” is to give another, final push to make progress that could be reflected in the last EU report under the 2014-2023 GSP+ system. More importantly, we seek to launch a national debate among government, judiciary, civil society and other stakeholders in view of the work-plan that Pakistan will have to submit to maintain the benefits of GSP+ in the future.

The event is independently initiated and organised by Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) and Parliamentarians Commission for Human Rights (PCHR).

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Year: 2023
Resource Type:
Human Rights
People Groups:
Children & Young People
People in Detention
People experiencing Poverty
Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)
Women and Girls
Duty Bearers
Capacity Building
Law Reform
Policy Reform
Campaign Partner:
Justice Project Pakistan