Guilty till proven innocent? Safeguarding the rights of pre-trial detainees across the Commonwealth

The report points to the ills of prolonged pre-trial detention and presents an analysis of statistical data on imprisonment trends as well as the legal frameworks of the 54 Commonwealth countries. It documents important international legal frameworks and reports published by organisations across the Commonwealth that highlight the causes and consequences of the use, and overuse, of pre-trial detention. The report provides a comparative analysis of key pre-trial procedures that can effectively safeguard the rights of thousands of individuals who come into contact with the criminal justice system every year. It provides insights into the policy and legal frameworks, and highlights gaps that have led to the overuse of pretrial detention and its impacts on individuals. Through this report, CHRI call upon Commonwealth Members and the international community to put in place strong legal provisions and implement them effectively to reduce the problem of pre-trial detention and consider the use of alternative non-custodial measures.

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Year: 2022
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Human Rights
Petty Offences
Pre-trial Detention
Australia & the Pacific Islands
Latin America & the Caribbean
Middle East
North America
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People in Detention
Duty Bearers
Policy Reform
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Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative