Petty Offenses, Major Consequences: Decoding the Criminalization of Poverty in Haiti

A Caribbean Conversation

International and national research shows the disproportionate impact of petty offense laws on the most excluded, poorest and status-discriminated populations. As part of this seminar, we will be presenting the results of a study that takes stock of the situation in Haiti. Based on a field survey and an in-depth analysis of three administrative databases, this research answers four specific questions: a) What is the weight of minor offences in the Haitian penal and prison system? b) Who are the people targeted and punished for minor offences? c) Why is this? d) What can be done to decriminalize poverty and status in Haiti?

This seminar will not only provide a forum for sharing the results of ongoing research projects, but will also host discussions on strategies for advocating changes in the Caribbean legal landscape. By bringing together researchers, activists and legal practitioners, the workshop aims to help develop innovative approaches and sustainable solutions to the over-criminalization of minor offences and their detrimental impact on marginalized communities.

November 30, 2023
From: 11:00  
to 13:00
(UTC -05:00)
Event Type: Virtual, Seminar
Languages: English, Français
Campaign Partners:
Rights Advocacy Project, Faculty of Law, University of West Indies