Void for Vagueness Doctrine: Unpacking the Constitutionality of Sedition Laws

SALC: In the administration of justice, the judiciary is faced with interpreting the country’s laws in compliance with the Constitution. In a world where many legislatures have maintained, reinforced, or reintroduced laws that fall within the parameters of the vagueness doctrine, the role of the judiciary in unflinchingly protecting citizens from such laws is of critical importance. Using the example of colonial-era sedition offences, the webinar will unpack how courts have recently used the doctrine of void for vagueness in different jurisdictions. Sedition laws are frequently used against a broad range of speech and conduct critical of governments.

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June 7, 2023
From: 15:00  
to 16:00
(UTC +02:00)
Event Type: Virtual, Meeting
Languages: English
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Southern Africa Litigation Centre