Credits: © Boniface Mwangi/OSF
Country: Kenya

Grace Wanjiru

“I have been a hawker since 1986. I was a certified receptionist, but I couldn’t find a job because of my disability. I have an artificial leg. Hawking supports me and my kids. I work every day, but I only earn enough to get through the day, and I have no savings. There’s a trader’s market but I can’t access it because of my disability. We used to get letters from the City Inspectorate if we were disabled, but not anymore. I would often get arrested and locked up at the Central Police, where they don’t allow you to enter with artificial legs or crutches, so you end up crawling on the floor and contracting diseases. Now as I’m older, they seize my stock instead. Taking my trade is as good as taking my legs away.”

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People with Disabilities
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