Credits: © Boniface Mwangi/OSF
Country: Malawi

The Fatchis, Blantyre, Malawi

Christina Macheso (24) is married to Madalitso Fatchi (30). Christina works for a long distance bus company, where she occupies seats in waiting buses to give would-be passengers the impression that the bus is almost full and about to leave. A common practice between different bus companies, earning Christina US$0.50 once the bus is full. While trying to make a living, she was arrested at the bus station by police and sentenced to two months in prison.  Alongside the idle and disorderly or vagrancy offences in the Malawian Penal code, road traffic regulations prohibit any attempts to “induce any person to become a passenger” of a public service vehicle.  Her husband, Madalitso, works as daily labourer at construction sites in town. Without her income, their economic stability is threatened.

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