Ugandan Constitutional Court declares parts of the ‘Rogue and Vagabond’ Offence unconstitutional

Today, five justices of the Constitutional Court of Uganda (Frederick Egonda-Ntende, Elizabeth Musoke, Christopher Madrama Izama, Monica K Mugenyi, and Christopher Gashirabake JJCC) in a unanimous decision, declared as unconstitutional and therefore null and void sections 168(1)(c) and 168(1)(d) of the Penal Code Act Cap 120. These provisions are parts of the offence of being a ‘rogue and vagabond’ which are routinely used by law enforcement to arrest and persecute the poor and marginalised including sex workers, LGBT persons and street vendors as HRAPF found in its 2016 study on the Implications of enforcement of laws on Idle and Disorderly in Uganda.

Read the full press statement here: HRAPF Statement on the Rogue and Vagabond case

Read the full judgment here: 

17 January, 2023
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